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persian-wedding-officiantAlieza Ghadadsaz moved to the U.S. to pursue his educational goals when he was 18 years old.  He obtained his degree in Art Sciences from Sacramento State University in the early 80’s and has been a resident of California for the last 30 years.  Mr. Ghadaksaz first experienced the beauty of today’s Persian wedding through his work with his wife, Taraneh Ajdar and her well known work at Elegant Sofreh Design .

Mr. Ghadaksaz always knew that the Sofreh Aghd was the main feature and focal point of a Persian wedding. This beautiful tradition sets the mood for the event.  It is not only a representation of the Persian culture but the location of many family photos and a true reflection of the bride and groom. But there was something missing!  Perhaps it was the generation gap! Similar wording was used over and over again during the ceremony. Why not incorporate the couples history and/or love story with historical poetry to educate the guests on why the couple belonged together?

This was the birth of a unique presentation which includes the following:

Initial Meeting

*  Follow up Meeting to review and present ceremony details

*  Marriage ceremony conducted in Farsi and/or English 

*  Registration of the marriage with the county, since Mr.Ghadaksaz is qualified as a Deputy Commissioner of Marriages in the State of California (no religious denomination) and not just a solemnizer

*  Couple to receive a Peyvand Nameh Certification (Sanade Ezdevaj) custom made, notarized and written in Persian calligraphy

Please note: The couple must present Marriage License prior to ceremony and sign contract at least 60 days prior to ceremony.

Competitive yet Affordable Fees!

To invite Mr. Ghadaksaz to officiate your ceremony, please fill out the Contact page and make sure to include your name, telephone, and event information.