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He is more than just an officiant

“Aghayeh aghed, alireza ghadaksaz, is a wonderful speaker, poet & artist! prior to my wedding i was concerned that our american guests wouldn’t understand/enjoy the Persian ceremony, but i was honored to experience the most beautiful ceremony conducted by mr. ghadaksaz! I’m amazed with his ability to capture & keep everyone’s attention throughout the ‘sugaring’ and ‘Baaleh’ process. his level of energy & enthusiasm also played an important part in the ceremony as he eloquently explained & translated the elements of my sofreh. he truly did the work of two officiants as he moved seamlessly from each language. even weeks later, i was pleased to hear my guests positively comment on the ceremony again! they told me that they were moved to tears because of the love he expressed through his spoken word.. i highly recommend mr. ghadaksaz for the officiating of your wedding.”

May 08, 2016


 “We just want to thank you for an excellent ceremony. The ceremony was so beautiful, and the Spanish part was very charming. People are still talking about it! They said it was the most unique and beautiful ceremony they’ve ever seen. By the way, we loved your outfit, it was really cool, stylish & hip!” Thanks,

Janet & Reza


“We wanted to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful ceremony and for the kind things you said. Like I said, you got me to cry at the end but you got Dean to cry right from the beginning! Haha, Dean, it was very touching and endearing.”
“Members from both of our families commented to us on how great you were and how we did a great job in finding you. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better officiant to guide us in our very memorable ceremony.
“Besides giving you our gratitude, we also wanted to check in and ask about our marriage license. I am going to need a copy of it in order to change my name legally. Do you have any advice for me on how to go
about doing so or when I can do so?”

Dean & Supriya


“Sean and I would like to thank you and Alireza for giving us such a truly spectacular sofreh and such a memorable and heartfelt ceremony. Both of our families have raved about your work and also your husband’s charisma and charm during the ceremony. You two are so talented and we feel so lucky to have been able to have your skills highlighted on our special day!

“Kate & Sean Grammy


“I just wanted to take the time and write this thank you note because I felt that your work was exceptionally unique and above expectation of both Nader and I.  Even though we come from two different cultural backgrounds, you were able to combine our traditions in a manner that respected and represented both of our families. Even though we were very nervous, once your soothing ceremony began, your command of the stage made us feel at ease and the rest is history.”


Sarah and Nader


“We would like to show our appreciation for the spiritual, uplifting, and humorous program you put together for our event.  I know that we had many requests and were looking for a unique event which represented both families vision and somehow you superseded all that.  Your custom poetry is already framed in our room and will forever be part of our lives.”

Shirin and Farzad

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Saying thank you isn’t enough…

Dear Alireza, I hope you know how grateful I am to you for giving my daughter the most beautiful ceremony. You masterfully combined both cultures’ traditions seamlessly. Most importantly, both families were acknowledged, respected, and recognized, so it made us feel connected as we celebrated our coming together as one big happy family. Thank you.